The One Click Butter Cutter

This new kitchen gadget will be a big hit at your brunch party!  

This One Click Butter Cutter cuts butter with just a squeeze! You can cut an entire stick in seconds, or let your guests help themselves... Add a little fun to your party.. They can be purchased here. 

Menu for Hosting Brunch

Having a brunch party is a wonderful idea!  Whether you are having it for family or friends

Here are some ideas for what to serve at your brunch get-together. 

Easy Ideas

Cinnamon Rolls - Buy some or make your own.

Fruit Salad - Whether you have fresh fruit, or canned pineapple and mandarin oranges, or enjoy your fruit salad sweet or tangy, you'll be able to find the perfect recipe for this delicious side dish.

Waffles - Buy some waffles or make your own.  To impress your guests, serve with real maple syrup and real butter served in this new butter cutter!

Eggs Benedict - This easy step-by-step recipe yields a creamy hollandaise sauce with a proper lemony zing.

or, for something simpler, try some Poached Eggs and serve with bacon or ham.

Bagels or Toast - A great breakfast food, serve with cream cheese & butter - your guests will certainly be impressed with the One Click Butter Cutter!

Do you like to bake? You may want to try these Raison Scones or Blueberry Scones.

Fruit Smoothies - Always a great treat!

I hope you like these ideas for your brunch party!  Brunch is a mix between breakfast and lunch, so you could always serve other simpler breakfast foods like donuts and pastries, or you could make sandwiches.. It's really up to you!   :)

Looking for a Gift?

The One Click Butter Cutter makes the perfect gift for that person in your life who has (almost) everything!  Surprise them with this new kitchen gadget that's lots of fun to use!