History of the One-Click-Butter-Cutter
Back in 1996, I had the feeling that it would be quite convenient to be able to reach into the refrigerator with one hand and take out a device, a Butter Cutter, and be able to squeeze off a couple of slices quickly before ones muffin might cool or maybe to add to the frying pan quickly while in the midst of doing all the other things that have to be done while cooking.

It was a simple idea that turned out to be very hard to realize. In fact it took 5 years, some fairly expensive equipment and over 60 prototypes to develop a Butter Cutter that would work well. However, this was just the first step. I had to redesign most of the way the parts were made to make them mold friendly. I had to get professional drawings which took over a year to complete. The hope was to have the drawings so complete that no mold changes would have to be made. Changing drawings is cheap compared to changing molds.

However, despite my best intentions, the molds also had to have many changes made to them. I also ended up changing companies and mold makers. Finally after 3 years of delays and mold changes the One Click Butter Cutter is ready. It works well, has proved to be very useful and has been made very durable. The One Click Butter Cutter is now the best Butter Cutter available and the most convenient way to store and serve butter. It is not only a Butter Cutter but it also is a Butter Dish.