The One Click Butter Cutter comes in two sizes: original and multi-size.
Read about size differences here.
BUY THIS SIZE if the 1/4 lb. bars you use are about 5" long:
Most people in the U.S. can use this size.

One Click Butter Cutter
Original size, fits quarter pound sticks of butter that are 5" long.
BUY THIS SIZE if the 1/4 lb. bars you use are about 3.5" long:
Multi-size One Click Butter Cutter
New Multi-size! Fits both the 3.5" cube and the 5" long 1/4 lb bars.
Box of 6 One Click Butter Cutters
Save even more when you buy a box of 6!
Price: $

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Color Choices: Red, Green, & Yellow
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* Butter must be chilled for slices to cut. Load the butter cutter, store it in your fridge, take it out when you need some butter, and when you're done, put it back in the fridge to keep your butter fresh and ready to cut. No messy butter dish needed because the One Click Butter Cutter is a butter dish too!

Colors Available In-Stock: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue

If we can't ship the color(s) of your choice the color shipped will be YELLOW.
U.S. Shipping & Handling Rates:
$2.99 per butter cutter.

NOTE: Everyone outside of the U.S. needs to select international shipping.

Add $5.00 onto U.S. shipping charge.

International Shipping:
The cost is $20.00 onto U.S. shipping charge.
Minimum order of 6, and please order only in multiples of 6.
If you wish to order a different quantity, please contact us.

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