The One Click Butter Cutter

What People Are Saying About the One Click Butter Cutter....

"Best thing since sliced bread!"

"Oh I need that! I just hate it when my house mates leave crumbs and jam (once I even found tuna) in the butter!"

Good for people with Arthritis... Easier to hold than a butter knife.

Good invention for Blind People.. (Fred listed our product on his site for the visually impaired.)

How People Are Using It....

  • Butter on Your Bread - These butter slices are so thin that they melt in seconds on your hot toast!
  • Butter on Pancakes -  Easy for kids to use!
  • Butter in the Sautee Pan - Just grab it and squeeze it with one hand and the butter comes out... no more messing with a knife while the pan's hot.
  • Butter on Pasta - Another great opportunity for kids to use it.
  • Slicing Butter into neat pats to display on a dish. It's easy to slice a whole stick of butter in way under a minute. Great for hosting parties!
  • Butter in baking recipes - It's 4 slices to a tablespoon, so you can quickly and easily measure out just the right amount.