The One Click Butter Cutter

Looking for a Butter Clicker?

You've come to the right place!

The One Click Butter Cutter is the new stylish way to serve butter - just one pat at a time! 

It's a Butter Dish, too. Once you put the butter in it you won't have to do anything until you've used up the whole butter stick. 

Keep Hands & Butter Clean.  No more crumbs sticking to that butter! 

It'll be a big hit when you're entertaining.  Slice out even pats of butter or let your guests help themselves. No doubt you will be the first one to have this neat kitchen gadget, too.

Look around and don't forget to buy a couple butter cutters for your friends' birthday or for Christmas.

We have only limited quantities manufactured right now - and while we are working fast to produce more - you may want to order a few before they all disappear!