All about me.

< > I am currently 50 years old and I sell EZNet Tool Commercial websites part time. The competiton in this field is significant but because EZNet Tools have been develped over such a long time they are truly one of the best commercial websites available. I took a training course in EZnet tools and over the last couple of years I also learned windows and about computers in general.
< > I have 3 college degrees. An AA in engineering science, a BA in English and a BS in accounting and I've made most of my money in construction.
< > Working in an office all day became something I desired to avoid and construction is quite profitable. I have worked as an accountant and as a teacher but now that computers have developed more fully and because more people are using computers I find I am spending more time on a computer. Getting to know people I never would have met has been interesting and working more from home has also been enjoyable.
< > In the couple of years that I have been involved with EZNet Tools the changes that have occurred have been amazing and soon, with voice streaming, another great change is about to occurr. While many internet companies have failed I'm confident that EZNet Tools will continue because it is so well established and it has been conservatively run. It's not a company that's based on short term schemes. It's a company that has grown and will continue to grow along with the developement of the internet providing a pleasant way to develope and promote your websites to its full potential.
< >For more information email me and we can discuss what might be best for you. I'm always interested in what other people are trying to do on the web.
Sincerely, Paul Wilhelm